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GlobalReleaseWire is a global communications group of companies that enables its customers to identify and connect with influencers, distribute meaningful public relations, corporate and marketing communications to those influencers and the public, and measure the impact of those communications, as well as monitoring various media for its customers.

GlobalReleaseWire is a leading global provider of earned media services to public relations and marketing communications professionals.

Fast Facts about GlobalReleaseWire Distribution

  • Founded: Registered under “Digital Ship LLC” Globalrelease wire was founded in 2021

  • Headquarters: 2055 LIMESTONE RD STE 200-C WILMINGTON  Delaware 

  • Targeting: Every GlobalReleaseWire Distribution press release is targeted to specific keywords chosen by our expert editorial staff.  Clients are able to further target influencers with specific geographical and industry distribution solutions.

  • Media reach: Our network reaches nearly 3,000 newsrooms, like The New York Times, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and more. We send content to more than 550 news content systems like Moody’s, SmartBriefs, LexisNexis, and McGraw-Hill. Furthermore, our media portal has more than 20000 active monthly users.

  • Global reach: Our network can help you reach more than 170 countries in more than 40 languages.

  • Digital Discoverability: GlobalReleasewire leads the industry organic search referred traffic which drives search visibility for press release content.

  • Online reach: Our network reaches more than 4,500 U.S. websites, including popular sites such as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and Business Journals. Our global network reaches nearly 10,000 websites, portals, and databases.

  • Multimedia reach: GlobalReleaseWire Distribution’s network distributes multimedia to more than 4,500 websites.

  • Social media reach: GlobalReleaseWire Distribution supports worldwide social media distribution across the leading networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

About Us

Your One-stop Press Release Submission Platform

Owned by Digital Ship LLC, GlobalReleasewire is a PR distribution firm that has a strong network of media sites, publications, journalists, bloggers, and influencers worldwide. At Global Releasewire, our aim is to provide you with the top-notch PR distribution services and guaranteed online placement on industry-specific media publications internationally. 

Our services are more than just Press Release Distribution. We also offer advanced tools to assist you with content creation, Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing, to make the most out of your Press Releases. Our team is dedicated to helping you stand out among competitors and achieve global visibility on the most relevant platforms. 

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Your One-stop Press Release Submission Platform

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